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Aqua-4D® has gained a reputation around the world for enabling significant water savings, solving salinity problems, and preventing biofilm and mineral clogging in irrigation systems – all while improving yields and production quality.

It is all made possible by an innovative patented technology which treats irrigation water before it is applied to crops. This finely calibrated electromagnetic signal enables better dissolution and distribution of the minerals in the water, meaning the plant can absorb what it needs in the proper proportions and the soil’s water retention is improved.

Because plants are optimizing their performance, less water and fertilizer needs to be applied. Limescale and clogging are eliminated by transforming hard water, while the electromagnetic treatment means excess salts and harmful ions are leached away, reducing soil conductivity.

This is sustainable agriculture for the 21st century: increased yields, reduced soil salinity, and chemical-free. A win-win for businesses, health and the planet.

The system is environmentally-friendly and completely sustainable – there are no magnets, no filters to change, no chemicals used, and no maintenance. What’s more, it requires minimal power and works with any type of water, whatever its chemical composition or hardness. The effect is obtained regardless of pipe type or materials used (i.e, steel, copper or synthetic material).
Aqua-4D system, an innovative water treatment system for a sustainable agriculture

Crop Knowledge

[ experience ]

The success of your crop relies on a confluence of factors, and not all are manageable. With so many variables, the key is to maximize the things that are under your control.
Aqua-4D® cooperates with some of the world’s leading agronomy universities, and has a strong team of expert agronomists in place around the world who work hand-in-hand with our customers on-site. From beginning to end, they are there to give their insights and harmonize the Aqua-4D® system with your specific circumstances to get the best possible results.

With their ongoing help – based on water system best practices from around the world and information-driven experience – you’ll develop higher, better yields each season, regardless of your product, environment, soil composition or geographical location.

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Precision Irrigation

[ expertise ]

Our presence in more than 40 countries gives us a real advantage and pool of knowledge regarding irrigation best practices. Our innovative system has been developed and constantly fine-tuned since 2004 through field studies and cooperation with leading agronomy universities.

Aqua-4D® provides not only a simple water treatment solution, but a comprehensive and ongoing consulting and support service, based on our direct experience with all kinds of crops around the world.

You have the questions, we have the answers and are there to share our knowledge and experience to help you unlock your irrigation system’s true potential.

How does it work?

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Almonds in California. Tomatoes in Spain. Grapes in Ethiopia. Olives in India. Melons in Brazil. The results speak for themselves: growers who have invested in Aqua-4D® systems register better yields in an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and sustainable way.

The innovative system uses a finely calibrated electromagnetic signal to treat irrigation water before it is applied to crops. Dissolving minerals and other organic material in the water, the plant is then better able to absorb what it needs in the right proportions.

The effect on plant behavior, production and health is often extraordinary: yields consistently increase by 20% or more, and size and quality are enhanced. At the same time, because plants are optimizing their performance, improves fertilizers efficiency. The system enables poor quality or saline water to be used for irrigation, with salts and other harmful minerals leached away.

Sustainable Agriculture

[ goals ]

Aqua-4D® is pleased to fulfil a total of 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations.

Covering everything from responsible production to clean energy to addressing water scarcity, see below for more on how Aqua-4D® contributes to sustainable agriculture.


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