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The world’s largest producer of melons installs an Aqua-4D® system


Agricola Famosa is also the biggest fruits producer in Brazil. In addition to melon, they also produce watermelon, papaya, banana, passionfruit, aspargus and more…

The client uses EC 3.0-6.0 saline water to irrigate its fields. In addition, the lack of water in recent years has increased the accumulation of salts in the soil, decreasing productivity and preventing it from achieving more than one cycle per year over the same ground (previously 2 cycles). If Agricola Famosa does not find a solution, they will have to cease their activities on these lands and buy other lands to produce the melons.


  • 1st validation with Aqua-4D®  on melons treating a flow of 150m3/hr (40,000 gallons/hr) on one plot of 24ha (60 acres) in order to reduce soil salinity and increase productivity
  • 2nd validation with Aqua-4D® on melons and watermelons, treated with a water flow of 150m3/hr (40,000 gallons /hr) on 3 plots of 24ha each (60 acres) in order to reduce soil salinity and increase productivity


  • Total production increased between 7 et 17%
  • Increased “export” quality
  • Less rejected fruit
  • Improved quality criteria
  • 2 cycles per year on the same land (one previously), without loading the soil in salt (leaching effect)
  • ROI estimated at less than 12 months

Whether your crops are facing specific problems or you simply want to improve your yields, we have a targeted solution adapted to your needs.

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