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João Suss on higher yields and sustainable agriculture in Brazil

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  • Nematodes damage control

On a recent visit to our new Headquarters in Sierre, Joao Suss shared his thoughts on sustainable agriculture and his experience with the Aqua-4D system in Brazil.

What’s been the reaction to the Aqua-4D system in Brazil?

Aqua-4D is a really innovative technology. It opened up a new market for us, and new business opportunities and a new level of customer relationship. In Brazil we’ve developed a new concept of product plus service, now we can back this up with more clients due to the results we’ve had with the Aqua-4D system.

What are your thoughts on this product?

The system in terms of hardware is very beautiful, Swiss-made, high-quality. The results are really tangible in the field, we can feel and touch it. The first impression has been very good.

In many ways, Aqua-4D is the future in our times. It is a real, proven technology for water savings, water management, nematode control, limescale and corrosion prevention. So there are many ways in which it’s amazing – it’s unique and there is no comparable technology out there. Results are everything, and the results we’ve seen with irrigation, with animals, and with industry are very high standard.

What are your thoughts about the future of sustainable agriculture?

Innovation in the agri-business is very important as it has many existing paradigms. Aqua-4D came to break these paradigms, and the agri-business needs innovations just like this. We can see that the whole world is worried about water, about soil quality, so this is a real technology for the future around the whole world.

What are common customer reactions when you present Aqua-4D?

They react like “wow!”, this is a complete technology. It’s a positive reaction, for most of our clients you see very quick results when installed, so it’s a very impressive approach.

What are some of the results you’ve seen?

We have a great many good results. In irrigation we have very consistent water savings: 15-30% in different kinds of soil conditions. There’s also a very strong nematode control aspect, different from chemical/biological treatments – this is a long-term control, which is a huge difference. The technology also allows us to more rationally manage fertilizer use, and prevent limescale and corrosion.

And of course, what pays the bills in agriculture is the yield – we have no project which has not seen increases in yields. Basically, there is much more efficiency with Aqua-4D. In many regions in Brazil we’ve also seen great results dealing with salinity, very consistent and long-term results, so it’s very sustainable in all senses of the word.

Has Aqua-4D matched your customers’ expectations?

Yes, for sure.  In the first year, the first 6 months, depending on the application and depending on the crop.  We’ve reached the customer’s objectives, always with good relationships and good field work. Good results, amazing results.

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