Field References

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Aqua-4D® cooperates with some of the world’s leading agronomy universities, and has a strong team of expert agronomists in place around the world who work hand-in-hand with our customers on-site. From beginning to end, they are there to impart their insights and harmonize the Aqua-4D® system with your specific situation to get the best possible results.

Below you can download a variety of different Field References from real cases around the world which verify the benefits brought about by the Aqua-4D® system on all kinds of crops.

Banan production increase in Brazil with Aqua-4D Water treatemetn solution
Tomato spain, production increase with Aqua-4D water treatment solution
Apple Turkey, EC conductivity improvement with Aqua-4D
Beet grean production increase with Aqua-4D
Olive Field reference with Aqua-4D water treatment solution

Olive Trees

Czucumber uzbekistan production increase with Aqua-4D
Chili pepper in Mexico, solution against nematodes and production increase with Aqua-4D
Watermelon in Spain, case study on the aqua-4D effect on watermelon crop, production increase.

Celery (California)