Fruits Setpa – Tunisia

Setpa is a company active in the food sector, specialized in the production, processing and packaging of agricultural products including potatoes, pomegranates, melons and olives.


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When this farm was created on an area of 280ha, the operator was facing a water salinity problem (EC 4.4) and soil quality issues (EC 5.18, 52% clay, 45% silt and 3% sand). These conditions were extremely difficult for irrigation and the proper development of the crops they wanted to plant (barley, wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.). Indeed, all advice given to the operator at the time stated that they wouldn’t be able to plant anything on this land.


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To resolve the problem of water quality, 24 Treatment units were installed to irrigate 280ha (flow rate 144 l/s or 518 m3/hr).


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  • Since 2012, thanks to the Aqua4D system, the producer is able to ensure production in sufficient quantity and quality, despite the salinity and poor soil quality, which has helped ensure the sustainability of their project.


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